Square Euro Horizontal Slatted Panel

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183cm x 120cm, 183cm x 150cm, 183cm x 180cm, 183cm x 90cm

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Our Euro style fence panels are favoured for their modern and clean aesthetics, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer a contemporary look for their outdoor spaces. They can be found in various settings, including residential yards, commercial properties, and urban landscapes. Here are key features and characteristics of Euro style fence panels:

  1. Style: One of the distinctive features of Euro style fence panels is the horizontal orientation of the boards. Instead of the traditional vertical arrangement, the fence boards run horizontally, creating a modern and streamlined appearance. This offering a minimalist design with clean lines and a smooth, uncluttered look. This design choice contributes to a contemporary and sophisticated appearance.
  2. Easy Installation: Euro style fence panels are designed for relatively easy installation to both timber or concrete posts.
  3. Privacy Features: While not as solid as some traditional privacy fence designs, Euro style fence panels can still provide a level of privacy. The horizontal boards are typically close enough together to limit visibility from the outside.
  4. Longevity: Materials used in Euro style fence panels are chosen for their durability, providing resistance to rot, insects, and weather elements, ensuring a longer lifespan for the fence.